Royalbaby Stargirl Girls Kids Bike 12 14 16 18 tum, dubbla handbromsar, blå

€199,99 EUR
  • 1. Lätt att sätta ihop! 95% av cykeln är monterad. Spara huvudvärk för att installera framhjulet och bromsen jämfört med 85% cyklar. Monteringsverktyg och en lätt att följa instruktioner ingår
  • 2. Säkrare ridning! Frontkaliperbroms och bakbandsbroms erbjuder dubbel säkrare; Breda 2,125 "pneumatiska däck lägger till mer stabilitet; Robust stålram, vev; Glidande hartspedal; Bifogad chainguard.
  • 3. Lättare att åka! Aldrig böjda träningshjul; Säkerhetsgrepp och handbroms; Royalbaby Exclusive Bromshandtag gör det möjligt för små ryttare att bromsa effektivt. Eftersom greppdimensionerna förkortas med 10% för att passa ett barns styrka.
  • 4. Fantastisk design och färg! Ganska färg, mode och söt. Korgen, band, klocka och diy dekal lägger extra roligt till resan. Mjukt säte levereras med ett handtag, vilket gör cykeln lättare att ta tag i under undervisning eller lastning.
  • 5. Fler storleksalternativ! 12,14,16,18 tum Tillgänglig, styret och sitthöjden är alla justerbara. Använd vårt lätta att följa storlek diagram, hittar du en perfekt storlek för din lilla älskade. Obs! Vänligen ta hänsyn till barnens höjd.

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Royalbaby Customer Says:

I purchased this for my 3, almost 4 year old daughter. I looked at many other bikes before I decided on this one. The main selling feature was that it came with a hand break standard. My older daughter was almost in a horrible crash when she was 5 because the chain came off her bike on a hill, so the brakes didn't work. Yes, I know that she could have put her feet down to stop, but she was too scared to think of it at the time. Thank God a stranger heard our yelling and stepped in to stop her.

UPDATE: My now 4 yr old daughter has been riding this bike almost every day for over 3 months now and we are still happy with it. We have found it to be very sturdy and have only had to reattach the bell once and have tightened all the bolts.

Royalbaby Customer Says:

The BEST bike! I know those colorful character bikes at WalMart look enticing, but let me urge you to save for this bike. This bike is far and away a better quality than those $40 bikes with the bells and whistles. The body of the bike is a strong metal that won't bend or get broken with a fall. The seat is hard, which is a good thing. It has a little lip at the back for added safety and comfort. The grips are comfortable.

My daughter is 5 years old and 40" tall. I recommend the 16". The 14" would have been outgrown too soon. Let them grow INTO the bike instead of OUT of it.
This is a beautiful bike. Well made and will last for a long time.

Royalbaby Customer Says:

We are absolutely happy with this product. It arrived quickly, very easy to put together, and the features are just amazing for being so cheap in price and for only being a children’s bike. I am an avid bike lover, and noticed things about this bike that are of very high quality. There are breaks perfect for the size of a three year old’s hands, we love the bell, the basket is perfect for her dolls, the pedals are perfect height, and the bike actually moved backward and forward without having to pedal like with some adult pricey bikes. The seat has a quick release lever and is perfect for adjusting and re-adjusting at will. I feel like my daughter is safe riding this bike and she just loves it. It is very sturdy. The color is so cute and the details like the hearts on the tires make for a great something extra. We highly recommend this bike to anyone. I looked for hours on amazon trying to find a good, well priced bike, and this one is definitely worth it! All we had to do was pump the tires up a little bit and she was ready to go.


1. Which size should I get for my 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 year old?

To get the right size, you need to measure your child’s height and inseam , then check our size chart.

If your measurements fall in two sizes on the chart above, the bigger size will last longer, but he/she might not touch the ground at the very beginning, training wheels is needed during this period. Compare the inseam with the saddle height(adjustable).

However, it will be easier for him/her to learn with a smaller bike, if your little beloved doesn’t know how to ride

2. I’m not sure if the size will fit my girl/boy. What’s the return policy?

We accept change of mind returns! You can also contact us to arrange an exchange

In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to return the Royalbaby item within 30 calendar days of your purchase.

Click here to see the full return policy.