RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kinder Fahrrad für Jungen und Mädchen, Dual Handbremsen, 12 14 16 18 Zoll, grün

€209,99 EUR
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  1. Einfach zusammenzuziehen! 95% des Fahrrads sind montiert, wobei nur 4 Schritte zum Installieren der Trainingsräder, Pedale, Lenker und Sattel gelassen werden. Speichern Sie Ihre Kopfschmerzen, um das Vorderrad und die Bremse im Vergleich zu 85% Bikes zu installieren. Montagewerkzeuge und eine einfach zu folgende Anleitung sind enthalten.
  2. Sicherer Reiten! Die nie gebogenen Trainingsräder sind super robust und stabil für seine royal-patentierte einteilige Dreieckstruktur; Front-Bremssattelbremse und Rückbandbremse bieten eine doppelte Versicherung, um Ihr Kind sicher zu halten. Reifen wirken sich stark auf Komfort aus. ROOYBBABY WIDE 2.4 "Pneumatische Reifen und 1. 2 mm Fahrradstahlstähle Dicke. weitere Stabilität hinzufügen; Vollkettenschutz verhindert die Kette, die das Hosenbein oder die Kleidung des Reiters des Reiters des Reiters des Reiters einschließt;
  3. Einfacher zu reiten! Ihre Kleinen werden seit 2019 eine glattere Fahrt mit dem Royalbaby-patentierten versiegelten Lager genießen. Der exklusive Bremshebel des RoyalBaby ermöglicht die Bremse der kleinen Fahrer effizient, da die Griffabmessungen um 10% verkürzt werden, um die Festigkeit eines Kindes anzupassen.
  4. Nachdenklich für verschiedene Kinder entworfen. In 7 hellen Farben kommt es für jedes Kind ein Royalbaby-Bike. Die Wasserflasche und Glocke fügt der Fahrt viel Spaß hinzu. Der Sitz kommt mit einem Griff, der das Fahrrad leichter macht, sich während des Unterrichts oder des Ladens zu ergreifen.
  5. Verschiedene Größenoptionen für jedes Kind. 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 Zoll erhältlich, Lenker und Sitzhöhe sind alle einstellbar. Nutzen Sie unsere leicht zu folgende Größentabelle, Sie finden eine perfekte Größe für Ihren kleinen Geliebten.
Größe: 12 Zoll 14 Zoll 16 Zoll 18 Zoll 20 Zoll

Nettogewicht (ca.)

22LB / 9,9kgs.

23.3 lb / 10.6kg

26,6 lb / 12.06kgs

27,9 lb / 12.65kgs

32 lb / 14,5 kg

Handlaber Höhenbereich.

26,3 ~ 27,9 Zoll /

67 ~ 71 cm

27,5 ~ 29,1 Zoll /

70 ~ 74 cm

29,1 ~ 31,9 Zoll /

74 ~ 81 cm

31,9 ~ 34.3 Zoll /

81 ~ 87 cm

33,9 ~ 37 Zoll /

86 ~ 94 cm.

Sitz- / Sattelhöhenbereich

18,5 ~ 21,6 Zoll /

47 ~ 55 cm

20 ~ 23.1 Zoll /

51 ~ 58,5 cm

21,3 ~ 25,2 Zoll

54 ~ 64 cm.

22,8 ~ 28 Zoll /

28 ~ 71 cm

24 ~ 29,5 Zoll /

61 ~ 75 cm.






12 x 2.4.

14 x 2.4.

16 x 2.4.

18 x 2.4.

20 x 2.4.

Innere Röhre

12 x 2.125.

14 x 2.125.

16 x 2.125.

18 x 2.125.

20 x 2.125.


Volle chaingurad.

Volle chaingurad.

Volle chaingurad.

P chaingurad.

P chaingurad.

Sitz / Sattel

Kleiner Sattel mit Griff

Kleiner Sattel mit Griff

Kleiner Sattel mit Griff

Größerer Sattel, um groß zu sein

Kids Gesäß

Größerer Sattel, um groß zu sein

Kids Gesäß

Wasserflaschenhalter &


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  1. Easy to put together! 95% of the bike is assembled, leaving only 4 steps to install the training wheels, pedals, handlebar and saddle. Save your headache to install the front wheel and brake compared with 85% bikes. Assembly tools and an easy-to-follow instructions are included.
  2. Safer riding! The never-bent training wheels are super sturdy and stable for its Royalbaby-patented one-piece triangle structure; Front caliper brake and rear band brake offer double insurance to keep your kid safe. Tires have a big effect on comfort. Royalbaby Wide 2.4” pneumatic tires and 1. 2mm bike steel tubes thickness. add more stability; Full chain-guard prevents the chain from entrapping or soiling rider’s trouser leg or clothing;
  3. Easier to Ride! Your little ones will enjoy a smoother ride with Royalbaby patented sealed bearing since 2019; Royalbaby exclusive brake lever allows little riders brake efficiently, as the grip dimensions are shortened by 10% to fit a kid’s strength.
  4. Thoughtfully designed for various kids. Coming in 7 bright colors, there’s a Royalbaby bike for every kid. The water bottle and bell add extra fun to the ride. The seat comes with a handle, which makes the bike easier to grab during teaching or loading.
  5. Various Size Options for every kid. 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 inch available, handlebars and seat height are all adjustable. Use our easy-to-follow size chart, you’ll find a perfect size for your little beloved.
Size: 12 inch 14 inch 16 inch 18 inch 20 inch

Net Weight (Approx)

22lb / 9.9kgs

23.3 lb / 10.6kgs

26.6 lb / 12.06kgs

27.9 lb / 12.65kgs

32 lb / 14.5 kgs

Handlaber Height Range

26.3~27.9 inch /

67~71 cm

27.5~29.1 inch /

70~74 cm

29.1~31.9 inch /

74~81 cm

31.9~34.3 inch /

81~87 cm

33.9~37 inch /


Seat/Saddle Height Range

18.5~21.6 inch /

47~55 cm

20~23.1 inch /

51~58.5 cm

21.3~25.2 inch


22.8~28 inch/


24~29.5 inch /




Traning wheels


Outer Tyre

12 x 2.4

14 x 2.4

16 x 2.4

18 x 2.4

20 x 2.4

Inner Tube

12 x 2.125

14 x 2.125

16 x 2.125

18 x 2.125

20 x 2.125

Chain Guard

Full Chaingurad

Full Chaingurad

Full Chaingurad

P Chaingurad

P Chaingurad


Small Saddle with Handle

Small Saddle with Handle

Small Saddle with Handle

Bigger Saddle to fit big

kid's buttocks

Bigger Saddle to fit big

kid's buttocks

Water Bottle Holder &

Water Bottle

Royalbaby Customer Says:

Back in college, I used to work in a bike shop that sold low-mid price bicycles. I spent a lot of time assembling and repairing them. Lots of times, lower-end bikes had lots of issues: bent parts, untrue wheels, misaligned brakes, etc. I had never heard of the Royal Baby brand before, but after reading other reviews, I decided to get one for my eight year old son. Of course, when it arrived, I gave it my usual thorough walkthrough. Initially, I noticed that the parts seemed to be good quality. Welds were solid and the finish was perfect.

Assembly was just like any other bicycle: pedals, handlebars, seat, accessories. All parts lined up perfectly on the first try. No fighting, no twisting and pulling, none of that. It also comes with some cheap tools to help with assembly, so you don't have to worry about finding a pedal wrench, or the right size metric allen. Once together, I started to look at the mechanics. Tires were very true. There was no noticeable wobble to them, which was abnormal for bikes in the $100-150 range. The brakes were adjusted perfectly. They were centered on the rim and had the perfect amount of pull.
Overall, it seems like a quality bike for the price and I am pleased with the purchase.

Royalbaby Customer Says:

And last - the assembly was pretty easy - They came mostly assembled already. It took about 15 minutes per bike (Putzing speed) to get everything ready to go. One bike came with the tires ready to go and one bike needed to have the tires inflated before riding.

Royalbaby Customer Says:

The best first bike. I did a lot of research. As an avid MTB rider I wanted my grandson to learn to ride and hopefully develop the same love of peddle sports that I have. I also wanted him to learn as quickly as possible, I'm hoping he gets to the point that we can ride mountains together while I'm sprite myself. This bike has many feature that build confidence and make learning on it safe and fun. The large tires make it more stable. The handle on the rear of the seat, which is for the teacher to grab, is placed there to create a true center of gravity while learning balance. (Even if you can't afford this bike, when you teach kids to ride, never hold their shoulders, it's not our center of gravity and is counterproductive to learning balance, alway grab lower, in the waist area) The fit and finish of this bike is also very stout, it's a firm foundation, which completes the riding experience. This is, hands down the best first bike you can find.


1. Which size should I get for my 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 year old?

2. How to assemble the bike?

The bike is 95% assembled, it's super easy to put together.

Here is the instruction video, if you met any difficulties with the assembly, pls feel free to contact us on Facebook or by email:

3. I’m not sure if the size will fit my girl/boy. What’s the return policy?

We accept change of mind returns! You can also contact us to arrange an exchange

In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to return the Royalbaby item within 30 calendar days of your purchase.

Click here to see the full return policy.